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the vast oil wealth to cut unemployment and poverty. he has become a critic some of the united states and made friends with its enemies. critics say he is dangerously dogmatic. what will happen if he's incapacitated? >> if he's out of the picture, there will be dramatic changes in venezuela. it is a coutnry used to having chavez at the center of the political anatomy. >> claiming to champion the poor and depressed every year, can his political creed survive? that as well as praise for uncertainty and change. -- is braced for uncertainty and change. >> i spoke a brief time ago with the president of the inter- american dialogue. if he is too sick to be sworn in for his new term as president, what happens? dodge the opposition is beginning the top line. they are different interpretations and a very polarized situation. >> what are the main challenges facing venezuela? >> high inflation, a huge fiscal deficit, a major oil producer. the insecurity and violence and crime has risen dramatically. whatever government succeeds, he will have his hands full. >> he was defiantly anti- american. an
the floor of the united nations. the united nations charter does not allow any country to use on authorized military action. we have to be very careful about the precedents that we are creating. >> are you saying that drug strikes are illegal? >> this is not the first time i am saying to us. they are illegal and unlawful. we are enaging in a deep dialogue with the united states. we share teh view that they start seeing it as a counterproductive tool in the long run. >> sometimes there referred to as good taliban and bad taliban. it is okay for the americans to be targeting some and not others. >> they have called in the ambassador. what you might be calling quiet is quiet diplomacy happening in the background. today, the relations are at a much better spot. there is absolutely no question of pakistan finding these to be -- you ask about good taliban and bad taliban. any insurgent group which uses violence as a means to prove its power is harmful to the national interest of pakistan. any group that uses violence is counter to our interest. >> you are watching "bbc world news america." as the
the defense department, from african policy experts, and remotely, from mali about the need for the united states to lead an effort that will restore security and the territorial integrity of mali but also to make sure that we move towards free and fair elections so that there is a legitimate post couey election area -- post-coup government. we have got a short-term challenge in restoring their security. the french, i think, in partnership with the military, are doing a great job. there are longer-term challenges, restoring things. this is what led to the rebellion and the coup in the first place. >> do you think they should be deploying drones? >> we have used drones against al qaeda in pakistan, afghanistan, and other places in the world. i think it is incumbent on us in the senate to make sure we have a framework for when and how we're going to approve the use of drones. i do think they are an important tool in our toolkit to fight back against islamic extremists and to take action against folks who have demonstrated to be a real threat to the united states and our regional allies. >> t
government in the united states. >> we will probably carry on doing so. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. it was a book that jane austen described as her own darling child. "pride and prejudice" has grown up. the past decade have seen an explosion of sequels and spinoffs. it is something she never could have imagined. our editor reports on this enduring popularity of elizabeth bennet. >> a rare, up 200 year old first edition of "pride and prejudice" a novel about five unmarried sisters with the famous opening line. >> is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of good fortune must be in looking for a wide. >> jane austen and recalled her book "first impressions." >> you do not wish to dance with me? >> they can be inaccurate. and could lead people to jump to conclusions based on nothing more than pride and prejudice. >> i should be very happy to dance with you. >> this is jane austen's house. she was happy and productive here. every morning to come downstairs and play the piano for a couple of hours and then she would get on with her one domestic duty, to make br
. >> let's take you to our main news -- congressional officials believe the united states state house of representatives will not vote tonight on a deal to avoid the implementation of a tax rises and spending cuts due to come into effect at midnight. fireworks celebrating numerous capital from the world at the start of the new year. foreign combat troops will pull out of a afghanistan in 2014, leaving afghan soldiers to fill the gap. afghanistan may not be able to look after themselves without foreign help. >> if there is progress, it has come with a price. the 44 soldiers were killed in so-called insider attacks or shot by rote afghans they're helping to train. it is out of this captain died, playing football here on remembrancer sunday. he was the last british fatality of 2012. >> it affect you personally and are never to raise about that. we will always grief for walter but we will not drop what we're doing because of one individual. >> with the afghans are taking responsibility, leaving most military operations -- leading most military operation that letting foreign troops step ba
and what is most dangerous is the criticism from europe and the united states, not from the people who don't particularly like us. >> benjamin netanyahu and barack obama have never been close, and the u.s. president is resigned to a difficult relationship with a more right-wing government in israel. -- >> an election watched very closely, even here on inauguration day, and prince harry is on his way home after another toward of duty in afghanistan. he has confessed that he prefers army life to being a royal. and he has claimed to have killed taliban insurgents. >> for the last 20 weeks he has disappeared from public view, deployed to afghanistan and flying apache attack helicopter. >> this has reminded me about who i am, but is -- it is easy to forget about who i am in the army. >> he has had to be prepared to use lethal force against the taliban. -- >> the people that are trying to do bad stuff -- they will be in the game, i suppose. and the reason i did this job is to get back out there. >> keep -- he deployed to afghanistan under a cloud. he made what he excess was a serious mistake, he
. the united states recognizes them for the first time in 20 years pillar in -- 20 years. lance armstrong has been stripped of his mettle. the committee acted after the governing body found him guilty of systematic doping and stripped them of seven wins. there is speculation as to whether he will lead men to open or apologize. extremists are gaining ground militarily and they're also winning popular support. it has become increasingly powerful. the free syrian army is living in kidnapping. they met one of the leaders of the front and found this exclusive report. >> they are waiting for bread. eight hours. nothing is more emblematic of what they have captured, and everyone knows the reason. it is the free syrian army fighters that have eluded the supply. >> we have no bread, and no fuel, no power. she goes on to tell me that we used to live like kings. now the strong devour the week. there is an atmosphere of insecurity. there are kidnappings. support is slipping away in the free army. these men are the beneficiaries. for many in aleppo, they are saviors. to the united states, they are terrori
of a bigger problem? >> we have to trust the system, and the united states has a very good track record in the introduction of airplanes. i looked it up today, there are almost a quarter million hours of faa supervision of this airplane as it was in the production line. boeing does not want to make any other manufacturer, they did not want to make an investment of hundreds of millions of dollars and see it questioned. i think the review is good. >> this airplane it relies almost exclusively on electrical signals. has this technology been tested anywhere else? >> it has not been tested anywhere else to the degree as it occurs in this airplane, but it went through a very rigorous certification process. because it uses i think they say five times electrical power than any previous airplane, it will watch it very carefully. these lithium ion batteries, like the one that caught fire in boston, is a concern. the ntsb is looking at that very carefully because they could be tough customers. >> the markets are already unhappy. how big of a problem is this for boeing? >> it is a bump in the road.
what happened in algeria might change the equation? >> the organization is not threatening the united states proper, but it is threatening united states interests, and we are seeing there are u.s. citizens being held hostage along with international friends, so the interests are something we will protect. i think it is good to see the european union take a lead on operations like this, because it is closer. >> can an organization like out how kind of threats and -- wipe out al quaeda threat in the region? >> we are never going to wipe it out. the question is if we can keep it out a localized threat. that is the best we can do. >> president obama is proposing the most radical change to america's gun laws in two decades and putting them in- house coalition course. mr. obama said this is the time to act, but the gun lobby organization the nra dismissed the plan as an attack on firearms. mark has the story. >> the massacre of these 26 innocencts has changed the mood of the nation according to the president. youngsters urged him to change the law. he needs to bring the heart strings of his
and the united states are victims of this attack. japan sharply critical of the response. they said the utmost care must be taken to preserve life. >> we will not rest until we do as much as we can alone and in concert with our partners to restore security to this vital region and to bring those that would terrorize and kill innocent people to justice. dodge the ordeal for others goes on. james robbins, bbc news. >> for more on the threat in out here, he formerly served as ambassador to iraq and national security adviser in the bush administration. when you were at the white house, was al qaeda in north africa ont he radar? >> yes, it was. we looked at the whole system holistic lee. there were relatively inactive because of jury instead taken effective steps with some encouragement of the united states. with the situation involving in libya, there has been a lack of government control and a huge swath of the region. an explosion of uncontrolled weapons and to some of these groups, we see this in algeria and it should be seen by one campaign from the french fighting to what is going on in alger
have been trained to kill but prevented from joining infantry units. the senior military commander confesses this makes little sense. >> women are fighting, they are dying, and have shown have great skills. the one thing they will probably look at is not changing training standards to accommodate women. >> now, president obama like to overturn the ban. he has the backing of u.s. military chiefs to break down the barriers. a u.s. marine captain has done two tours in afghanistan, it is not about gender. >> i want to make the point that we are not looking to just reserve a spot for women, we are trying to give people a chance to compete for the spot. some women cannot do it just like some men cannot do it. the policy being repealed it says that they have a chance. >> the vast majority of britain's armed forces have already been opened up to women but there is still one significant exception. women continue to be barred from what is called close combat roles. in the british armed forces, when men are already flying fighter jets and serving on warships. soon, they will be allowed on sub
get out of our way. they are enemies of the state. >> this is a highway that unites this area. now, fear has driven away this group that controls the salt trade. they fled to neighboring countries. i ask what they are afraid of. of death, he says. of being killed by soldiers. nearly three weeks ago, just after france intervened, this man saw something he is afraid to speak out openly. the military had arrested three students in islamic dress who had no papers. >> when i got there, the students had their hands tied behind their back. they were on their knees. one of them said, for the sake of god, do not kill me. and not the enemy, i'm just a student. one of the military guys said, don't listen to them. they talk amongst themselves and then one said, fire. they shot all three of them in the chest. they drive to them by their feet and threw them into a well. >> you can see the lines of blood going all the way down. some of this has clearly been pushed down to hide the bodies. the government will investigate what happened but it is clear that several wells hold secrets. at the bus sta
to cut down on gun violence in the united states, president obama will announce an initiative tomorrow to include restrictions on guns and ammunition. good evening. i'm judy woodruff. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the newshour tonight, we get the latest on the administration proposals and on measures being discussed in several state legislatures. >> woodruff: plus we have two separate interviews about the gun debate, with delaware governor jack markell and national rifle association president david keene. >> brown: then, spencer michels asks california governor jerry brown if his fiscal turnaround-- from a $27 billion deficit to a balanced budget-- offers a lesson for the nation. . >> you have to make tough choices. you have to live within your means. that means you have to not do everything you want to but you also have to raise more
. the transitional government of national unity, so to speak, that the united states and russia would try to then sell to the u.n. security council. >> is there any indication that moscow is prepared, or moving toward the decision of putting its eggs in assad's basket is not the thing to do? are you seeing any shift in russia's position? >> i do not detect a shift in the position exactly. but what i do think what we're seeing is a change in the russian and of a court judgment as to whether or not president bashar al-assad is going to survive politically. until recently cannot -- until recently, the russian conclusion is that he would survive. i think they have come to a different conclusion of together. now is a question of whether the policy it lined up with the alico conclusion. >> you have been working on this. if assad had gone a year ago, would the future of syria be clearer, easier than if he is to go in the next six months, let's say? >> i really believe if president assad had cooperated with a managed, peaceful transition some time back, syria oppose the prospects would be much be
have poor social skills. >> i am the president of the united states, closed in immense power. >> he could win the third oscar of his career. >> the film about the pioneering anti slavery president has 12 nominations. >> django. has made the's film prestigious best category. >> the recognition and being invited to the party is a lot of fun. >> the film of life of supply featuring a computer-generated tiger received 11 nominations. >> it makes for an interesting story. the youngest ever nominee for her performance in beasts of the southern wild. and the 85-year-old is the oldest ever nominee in the category for her performance. >> you know what that means. >> leading the charge with eight nominations, including one for a huge jackman as leading actor, to whom i spoke recently. >> it is the industry, and no offense to a australia, but it is fun. >> the latest bond movie was overlooked for the best picture award, but the opening number was one of five nomination. it would be a remarkable time in the life of the singer from london. >> i love them all, it will be hard to pick. get out dat
gone into this. it is not just the united states. it is the u.s. and nato policy for continuation of a presence past 2014. is it a combat presence? no. it is a support to counter terrorism and a training program. the distinction between that and the combat provinces in the eye of the beholder. >> you have been following afghanistan for over a decade. your new book is "talibanistan." is that how you see the future of the country? >> luckily not. if you look at polling data, most afghans did not want the taliban. they want some negotiated settlement. it will have another election with a high turnout and they're all the things that have gone right. we know what has gone wrong. whether it is very few minds or it is girls in schools. i was there when the taliban were in power. the good news gets excused -- of scared. >> thanks for coming in. afghanistan the focus of attention. i will be discussed at both meetings at the white house. a quick look at other news from around the world. president chavez will not be attending this thursday's story in of his third term. he will miss the cerem
to look for him and trashed his belongings. former colleagues from his own army unit. do you know the names of these people? would you recognize them? >> yes, he says. effective last year when the toregas star there -- they defected last year when the tuareg started their rebellion. many of our comrades became our enemies, he said. now we will hunt them down and kill them all. the fact that some of the men appeared to protect this town and were actual former members of the mainly in army and -- of the malian army shows that the problems here are homegrown. no easy solution then. >> at least one person is in custody after a shooting at a college campus in texas. local authorities think there could be to that -- could potentially be a second gun man. three people have been wounded. students and teachers were advised to take an immediate shelter. the car bombs around the iraqi camp was in baghdad. kelly 16 and wounded dozens more. at least one of the attacks happened when a bomber drove the car pool of explosives into an army checkpoint. the dow as wesleyan president's -- the venezue
as as units present in june, 1944. >> the suspects have always denied their involvement in the cry because they acted in and supporting role. it is up to us to prove their intent. >> most are women and children. the soldiers threw hand grenades before starting the fires. the men were locked in the barns to the they were shot in the legs before the bonds were doused in petrol and set on fire. >> i would have liked this to have started earlier, says this man, who survived. he says that it is good that germany is taking responsibility. one man who did pay for his crimes was a member of the ss, described at his trial as the murderous rifleman. he was sentenced to life but later freed on grounds of ill health. this sheds new light on the involvement of six further suspects who are still alive. the remaining suspects are in their late a.d.'s, time is short. -- 80's time is short. >> before we were addicted to our smart phones, we could not be parted from our blackberries. it was not so long that those nifty devices ruled the mobile world. as smart phones spread, blackberries died. now, research
Search Results 0 to 40 of about 41 (some duplicates have been removed)